What is your Vision and where is it taking you?

What is your Vision and where is it taking you?Have you ever spent time thinking about your Vision?

Vision for your life, for your work, for your family…or anything else… Over the past few months, I have been hit with this huge need to re-define my vision. In fact, 31 people so far have specifically asked me about my vision for my business and a few dozen have asked me about my vision for my life. Now the strange thing is that all of these people have asked me recently, within the past few weeks.

So as with most things in life, if they happen in frequency, I tend to listen.

With that in mind, I’ve started my quest to define my vision. To create it so clearly that every movement I take, is a clearly thought-out, well-defined step.

In that vein, my current vision is to launch two more companies. Yes I know, I have a lot of balls in the air right now but my purpose is clear. I am going to restructure everything so they fall within one of these two purposes.

However, before I do share with you or even before I am able to share with you. I am planning a special vision quest weekend. The purpose is to get away from everything and everyone. That means no working for clients, no technology, and to spend several days in complete solitude. And hopefully if it works out, I will be doing this more often. Perhaps several times a year. In either case, I will share with you my goals and desires once I am able to clearly articulate them. Currently, I know what I want and how I want to get it, but it takes a significant amount of time to share that with everyone. Hopefully when I return, I will be able to share with everyone in a few minutes.

Have you ever taken a significant amount of time to thinking about your future, your visions for your life? What were the results? How did it work out? Is this something that you do often?

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