Negative Nelly

Do you have someone in your life that is very negative? Someone that is a Negative Nelly? I remember the days of watching Little House on the Prairie with my sisters & mom. One of the main characters was Nelly Olsen. The rich snobby girl of the town.

Nelly was a funny character because she had everything she wanted/needed in life and yet she was always negative and unhappy. To make matters worse, she would make people unhappy just because they were successful or have a great day.

In the line of work and choices I’ve made in my life such as being holistic or natural when it comes to medicine or doctors, people tend to look down on me and be negative.

Recently, my wife & I made the decision to have a natural birth where we work with a mid-wife to deliver our kid at home rather than having the kid at the hospital.

For most of you who know me know that I spent nearly 3 weeks in a hospital with my wife due to a hospital mistake that caused my wife severe pain, seizures, etc… Keep in mind that my wife had a perfect pregnancy and for the most part, the child birth was flawless. It was the epidural that caused every ounce of problems.

Despite that simple fact and the over 18 doctors who agreed with our situation, people in my life believe that I am making a bad decision. As sad as that is for them to have such a strong opinion against my choice, they spent over 30 minutes telling me all the bad things that would happen due to this bad decision.

Regardless to say, this individual has made many choices in life that I strongly disagree with yet to prevent confrontation, I just move on with life.

How many times in your life have you made that decision to let the Negative Nelly’s in your life continue on their journey or do you feel compelled to get in their face?

Thing about all the wasted energies you have spent and anger you have held trying to defend your point.

I find it best in life to let it go and move on – after all, 99% of the time you will not change their mind and only cause you more stress and heartache.

And in my case, every single time I have let the feelings of anger go and moved on, the person who held such strong opinions against me forgets the entire incident even happened. So really, in the end if it ends up like that, wouldn’t it be better to just let bygones be bygones?

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  1. Rant on, my friend, rant on! I agree whole heartedly.

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