What does your vision say about you?

Weird to think about but what is your vision saying about YOU?

Have you ever stopped to think about that? Lets put aside the fact that most people do not take the time to establish a vision for their life, kids, future, family, business, or whatever else is going on. But lets focus on the concept that you are among those limited few. Among the group of the 2% who actually wants to succeed. YOU have taking the time to create a vision map for your future.

But what is your vision saying about you?

I know this may sound self involved to think about but there is a greater point I am trying to get at here.

Vision isn’t just what you are wanting to create in your life. But rather, it’s the summation of everything you are doing.

It goes hand in hand with where you are going and hopefully includes where you have been. After all, we are all apart of this perpetual cycle of events that appear to repeat themselves every few years. Learning from the past is just as important to learn from the future.

So what is your vision saying about you?

Are you a man or woman who is out to help others?

Are you a person that wants to build a family?

What about helping the poor or needy?

Vision is one of those unique things that most people seem to miss. They think it’s about reality but I say it’s the perception of reality. I don’t mean to get metaphysical here or even extend the inception metaphor. But vision is writing down what you want to have, be, or act in the future. It’s about taking your dreams and putting them down on paper. The key is writing it down.

The mere action of writing down your vision is the difference of being a dreamer and actually having a vision you achieve.

So let me ask you this…. What are YOU doing to move your vision forward?

Penn Jillette Quote about Safety from Government

Penn Jillette said it best, “Every-time something really bad happens, people cry out for safety, and the government answers by taking rights away from good people”

Sadly American is in a crisis right now. The idea that having more gun control will somehow fix the larger problem. The reality is that is nowhere near the case. In fact, by restricting our ability as free United States citizens to purchase firearms only gives the government more control over us and people who don’t follow rules in the first place easier access to buy illegal firearms.

guns dont kill people - people kill people

Funny little state I came across. As noted to the right,  Tobacco has a 4600%+ chance of killing you than a gun related crime. In fact, you are 3 times more likely to die from accidentally poisoning yourself than from firearms.

So let me ask you this…Is gun control the problem? Is guns the problem? Or even the fear of guns the problem?

No, no, no and no. The problem is that there are a lot of hurting people out there. And more so, a lot of others who are so numb to life that they lash out at others. Some do it internally such as drugs or alcohol and others, unfortunately express this pain outwards as we experienced this past week with the gunman killing several dozen plus men, women, and kids.

Having more gun control wouldn’t have corrected this problem. In fact, people in pain always find ways to express themselves. It could have been much worse. The gunman could have crafted a bomb and blew up the school.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those affected directly or indirectly.

But more-so, my thoughts are with EVERYONE who is in pain. We need to address their issues. And quit using scapegoats such as guns or lack of parenting.

Until we address this – issues like this will continue to happen at an ever-increasing pace. And someday, everyone will become the victims with those in power (i.e. the government) trying to control issues in the improper way.

So let me ask you this…what would YOU do? What would YOU change? How would YOU handle these issues now and in the future?

What is the one thing holding you back from success?

What is holding you back from success?Lately, this has been stuck in my head. What is the one thing holding YOU…nay me…back from success? How can I make so much progress and yet feel like I am treading water.

Around this time of year, I always seem to gravitate to the issue of self-reflection. Perhaps its the holidays or lots of life changes…who knows?

But I always come back to the single thread…idea…feeling…verse or however you try to label it.

Where there is no vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29:18

How much in my life have I done without vision? Without planning for success?

It sounds really easy to think about – planning is a simple state of being. And yet…how do I … so often fail at this myself?

I spend hours each week coaching people on this thought…creating a vision…planning out technology or business or whatever.

And yet I seem to be the worst at setting the right example.

I ask myself questions like – is this the reason that so many business fail in my life? Or worse yet, things fall apart before they even get started. Am I the single common thread to creating such havoc to those around me?

Luckily I know the answer is no. Because as much as I like to think of myself as someone special – the honest truth is that my ability to cause someone else to fail is pretty limited. Their failure relies on their abilities and their vision. Not mine.

But on some level I still feel responsible.

And why I believe I keep coming back to this topic for myself.

My vision is not too big. In fact, my vision for the future is crystal clear.

The problem is that I haven’t written it down.

Brian Tracey said it best “What is written, one remembers, and all else is forgotten”

And with that in mind, I have spent since Thanksgiving planning and documenting my future goals & visions. I soon will be sharing them with you. One to hold me accountable and secondly to give a direction to do the same for your own life.

So let me ask you – Can you summarize your vision for the future in a single statement? I would LOVE to hear it…Comment below!

Its been a crazy week around my household. Last week, my (mom’s mom) grandma Bingley was admitted into critical care and last night, my (dad’s dad) grandpa DeYoung was admitted to ICU after having his heart stop four times in a few short hours. Then I find out grandma Bingley was moved to hospice care and my grandpa DeYoung is in a coma later today.

The prognosis does not look good for either and it makes me take time to reflect!

And I am reminded of the old adage “Only two things in life are certain, Death & Taxes”

Which might be morbid to think about however it does bring up a good point.

Is that really true? To me, both of those statements are incorrect. Times like these, I am reminded of the movie “The Lion King” and the famous quote “Its the circle of life”.

So as my life seems to spin in complete chaos with all of the emotions that ensue with one’s passing. I like to remember something greater. It’s all apart of the circle of life.

A beautiful sweet life it is and one that most seem to take for granted.

But I can honestly say this. Both my grandmother & my grandfather have lived a wonderful, successful, happy, fruitful, near perfect life! And one that my family & I will always remember and cherish.

And to forever immortalize them in this digital medium of blogging… I would like to take a few minutes and share a few rants if you will, that you might relate too as well.

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